Tax Return Checklist

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Individual Tax Return


Payment Summaries – Group Certificates

Centrelink Benefits

Interest & Bank Fees

Dividend Slips

Managed Funds – Annual Tax Summary

Capital Gains/Losses

  • Sale property/shares etc – documents of sale and purchase price, including solicitor’s settlement statements, legal fees, commissions, broker statements.

Foreign income / Foreign Pension



Motor Vehicle Expenses

  • Log Books – 12 weeks every 5 years for vehicles less than 1 tonne carrying capacity

Clothing – must be protective or registered compulsory

(For example: Compulsory black pants and white shirts are non-deductible)

Self Education Expenses – For courses completed at educational institutions, University or TAFE that have nexus to current work.

Work Deductions – Union fees, tools, stationery, telephone etc – must be incurred for work.


Donations – to registered charities – raffle tickets are not deductable.

Income Protection Insurance – only the payment made within the financial year can be deducted – provide notice provided by insurance for deductible amount.

(NB: accident or life insurance is non-deductible)

Child Care Receipts

Private Health Insurance – Health Fund Statement

log books of phone usage & hours in the home office to be kept.

  Business Tax Return

MYOB/QUICKBOOKS zipped file or other business records.

Bank Statements @ 30/06/2016

Loan Statements @ 30/06/2016

Stocktake figure @ 30/06/2016

Documents for Insurance finance arrangements

PAYG Payment Statement – ie cover form sent to the ATO with Group Certificates issued.

Documents for any new loans or hire purchase agreements.

Check last year’s depreciation schedule for scrapped items.

Fringe Benefits – Are you claiming a deduction for  

  • Entertainment
  • Cars

 in your company or trust tax return? There may be fringe benefit consequences.  Please speak to the accountant regarding theses issues.   

Home Office –  Calculate the % of area

Please be aware that there are significant issues with loans from companies to  

  directors and associates. The Australian Taxation Office will impose harsh penalties. – Please discuss with accountant.

Superannuation Guarantee contribution for employees including directors must be paid by the 28th July, 28th October, 28th January & 28th April and late payments are non-deductible and Superannuation Guarantee Charge applies.

Superannuation Contributions must be received by the superannuation fund by 30 June to be claimable.

Details of Personal Superannuation deductions – received by the superannuation fund provide S290 -170 summary notice from Super Fund showing amount claimed.

 Rental Property

Income – Agent statement or receipt book

Loan Statements from 01 July 2015 to 30 June 2016

Rates Notice

Insurance invoices

Repairs – not listed on agent statements

Travel – record of KM travelled to each property for inspections & repair work.

New rental Property

  • Settlement Statement
  • Cost of loan set up if not listed on loan statements
  • Quantity Surveyor report for depreciation claim

NOTE: Legal costs, stamp duty, and inspections are Capital costs and not deductible.